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Go360, introducing our Vision APIs. Leverage GPU computing via Web Services

Democratizing computer vision We have all in some form or another started mucking with GPU accelerated computing. Ok, maybe not everyone but in recent times there are more and more developers leveraging GPU computing. People who use GPU acceleration in libraries like OpenCV or Tensorflow understand the pain behind setting it up, and that pain…
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Go360’s guide to customer oriented company culture and focus on user experience

As an organization which relies heavily on technology to provide the highest quality transportation service to its customers, Go360 has the following priorities: The first and foremost is to always provide the best in class experience for all our customers. Provide customers with a great value Create an environment which attracts and nurtures the best…
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Bridging the Gap Between Machines and Humans using the Spatial Graph — A Journey Into the Future

Spatial and temporal contextual awareness is something we humans take for granted. It’s something we expect in every interaction with other humans. We use time, space, our past journeys and our future destinations as a means to guide our conversations and create our surroundings to enrich our lives. It is part and parcel of our…
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