Month: January 2020

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Our Alpha riders told us to build a better “turn-by-turn navigation” experience

While ferrying our alpha riders in Sacramento, I had a hunch that there would be significant usability friction for drivers using turn-by-turn navigation without an integrated in-app experience. This was particularly felt when a new ride request was added to existing vehicle pooling route plans in our service. Drivers receive a push notification from Go360…
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Go360’s guide to customer oriented company culture and focus on user experience

As an organization which relies heavily on technology to provide the highest quality transportation service to its customers, Go360 has the following priorities: The first and foremost is to always provide the best in class experience for all our customers. Provide customers with a great value Create an environment which attracts and nurtures the best…
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Why pooling riders is broken without geofencing

Ride hailing was supposed to be the next generation transportation solution that solved our traffic and commute problems. However, Uber and Lyft usage led to more traffic. How can utilizing a shared resource lead to more traffic? Let’s find out more below.

Crossing the bridge from Televisions to HD maps to Subscription Ridehailing.

Prior to, I used to work at Civil Maps and My cumulative experience from both firms has been helpful in charting a new course for My professional journey started with I joined in 2012 straight after college and I was attracted to the responsibility and research problem statements that were…
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Millennials, Microunits & Micromobility

While buying a house or owning a car was once considered a wise decision amongst our previous generations, the millennials don’t see it that way. The trend we observe is that compared to the baby boomers and gen-x, the millennials are more interested in investing towards better quality of life and enriching experiences rather than…
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Go360 Alpha Launch — November 15th, 2019

We are super excited to announce the Go360 Alpha Launch. Currently we are selectively on boarding prospective customers for live field tests. On an invite only basis, our first 200 alpha stage customers will be able to use Go360 at no charge to them, however they are required to give us frequent feedback on the…
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Bridging the Gap Between Machines and Humans using the Spatial Graph — A Journey Into the Future

Spatial and temporal contextual awareness is something we humans take for granted. It’s something we expect in every interaction with other humans. We use time, space, our past journeys and our future destinations as a means to guide our conversations and create our surroundings to enrich our lives. It is part and parcel of our…
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There is a phrase “Content is King”. I don’t think it can be any truer for the next generation of mobility technology. Content drives adoption and without content, technologies although powerful and capable might fall short in terms of getting customer adoption. Let’s take AR for example. There are many devices coming to market today…
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