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Beast Mode for AI

24 cameras, 6 LiDARs, 300 Gbit Interconnect, 16TB @ 150 Gbit
48 ARM cores, 64GB Ram, 3072 CUDA cores, 384 Tensor Cores
100 Watt Design

Deploy AI-Powered Autonomous Machines at Scale

Go360 Edge AI Compute Rig is designed for real time, low latency, local computing


Leverage the magic of parallel processing to divide and conquer and compute task. We have a multi-host distributed computing architecture that brings cloud level performance on the edge


Our 100 Watt design provides a very aggressive compute performance to power consumption ratio. Go360 Edge AI Compute Rig enables new levels of compute density, power efficiency, and AI inferencing.


The Go360 Edge AI Compute Rig leverages 8 NVMe 2TB drives to deliver 16TB of storage space with a read / write speed of 150 Gigabits per second. This will meet the bandwidth needs of any video codec.


Go360 Edge AI Compute Rig provides a multi-host configuration schema that allows users to define tasks, inputs and outputs using NVIDIA docker based containers to create complex multi-stage AI data pipelines.


How are we different?

We push the boundaries of computing so you can squeeze the maximum performance from your autonomous solution.


We push bits without compromise. Our architecture allows capturing camera data from 24 8MP cameras without unneccessary compression and uncompression. This allows high bandwidth, low latency data to be streamed directly from the CMOS sensor into the GPU.


We utilize a PCIe Gen4 Switching Fabric to support 300Gbit of network transfer. Furthermore, we provide a distributed computing architecture spread across 8 Xavier NX compute modules and additional Tensor Edge Compute modules. All of this is integrated on our custom carrier board.


Our Device SDK will be open source under MIT license. This will allow our customers to get the best bang for their buck when they want to utilize our software. We tune things at the software layer to avoid common pitfalls in computing architecture.


All future products of Go360 will limit themselves to a 100 watt power budget. This encourages us to push the boundaries of computing whilst keeping in mind power constraints. We will iterate and deliver new designs that push the status quo.


Enjoy the best
stack for autonomous  with a low power budget

We developed a bottoms up computing architecture that addresses computing, memory, network, and bandwidth bottlenecks at each stage of a data pipeline. We achieved this by creating custom PCB carrier boards for Xavier NX modules and integrating additional AI chips.


Do you have an Edge AI application?

Customers & Partners

We have several customers who are collaborating with us and supporting our journey.

Daimler Mobility Services

Daimler Mobility Services was a founding member of Go360’s open sourcing initiative to build a next generation edge computing stack. The funding was used to develop of the edge computing rig.

O Intelligence

O Intelligence was an early customers who procured video pipeline services from Go360. We integrated with O Intelligence to provide Object Detection and Tracking functionality.


Go360 is collaborating with NVIDIA to optimize the Deep Learning pipelines for distributed comuting architectures. The Inception program is a exclusive cohort of companies that are incubated by NVIDIA

Our Team

We have a great interdisciplinary team.

Sravan Puttagunta


Ashish Nair

Director of Product

Suveer Srivastava

VP Business Development

Saket Sonekar

Development Lead

Tulika Shome

Human Resources Executive

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

VP Eng. & Program Management 

Lulu Puttagunta

Chief Security Officer

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