Our fleet is 100% electric vehicles


Professional & courteous employees


Efficient AI Routing & Dispatcher


Travel in style with four rides per day and on demand pickup and dropoff

Drivers are always nearby. Max pickup time of 5 minutes. Average trip time of < 15 minutes. Our subscription service make payments a breeze.

More than just a ride

Go360 is a new paradigm in transportation.


All of our drivers are our full time or part time employees. They are trained to keep your comfort and safety in mind. All of our drivers and riders are protected by the Go360 Safety System. Each car will be equiped with a bidirectional dashcam to monitor the rides for any abnormal activity.


We efficiently route our vehicles to do multiple pickup and dropoffs to increase vehicle utilization and decrease the cost of the service. By restricting the area of operations and pooling rides together, we can ensure that our drivers are well compensated.


Not everyone might want to use 4 rides per day. Our in-app marketplace also allows you to consume rides in exchange for goods and services. You can trade a ride for a cup of coffee or a bag of groceries. We believe saving our riders time and energy is a great way to unlock new opportunities for them.


Based on the rider’s residence, we might also offer concierge services to residents. This includes grocery & drycleaning services available in your apartment complex or clubhouse. Riders can now walk to the concierge center in their apartment complex.


We ♥ Feedback

We launched our alpha service to friends and family in Sacramento to test and validate the functionality of our apps. We received lots of useful feedback which is now being put into production. Our learnings from the alpha launch enable us to expand the service to our beta customers. We are working with the California Public Utilities Commission to secure the Transportation Network License and will onboard beta riders once it has been issued. The Alpha launch will conlude when the CPUC license is granted.


Friends, Family, Investors, Potential partners and employees have tested the ridehailing service


We are implementing the feedback from the alpha launch to improve the service and streamline  the experience.


Riders loves the quality of our cars and the professionalism of our drivers. 


We captured a lot of feature requests and are working actively with riders to build a queue.


Expanding Riderbase

Once our CPUC license is granted, we are expanding our coverage to include beta customers from the City of Sacramento. We are excited to have you use the service.


Our initial launch will include downtown and midtown Sacramento


Initially the service will be operating from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM to 6:30PM.


We have special discounts if riders are willing to participate in our customer discovery and feedback program.


We are working with local residential, retail and office complexes to reach our initial beta customers. 


Moments from our community

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I really like the premium cars and the professional drivers. Feeling safe is important.

Jane F

Alpha Rider

I use it to get to work with my work colleagues. We order coffee through the app!

Jennifer L

Alpha Rider

The all electric fleet is great for the environment and also stylish. I love hearing no engine.

John D

Alpha Rider

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